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Vectorlight News

  • 3D CSS used to Create Website
    Feb 08, 2014

    With the CSS 3D effects being implemented in modern browsers RoomSay.com takes this new technology and enables you to map your traditional 2D content onto the walls of a 3D room.

  • Chat App Converted to HTML and JQuery
    Sep 08, 2011

    Converted from Silverlight to HTML and Javascript/JQuery is the Vectorlight Chat App. Login using your Vectorlight password to chat using your username and avatar.

  • HTML5 iPhone,Android Big Guns Tower Defense
    Jul 02, 2011

    Big Guns has made the leap from Windows Phone 7 (XNA) to HTML5 so you can now play it on your iPhone, Android and other HTML5 compatible devices.

  • HTML5 Games - Word Poppers and Batty
    Jun 04, 2011

    As the take-up of HTML5 quickens (74% of users currently have a browser capable of HTML5 Canvas) we present two more games for both your browser and mobile.

  • Big Guns Tower Defense on Windows Phone 7
    May 06, 2011

    Coming soon to Windows Phone 7 is an XNA port of the popular Vectorlight tower defense game Super Tower Defense. Whilst retaining many of the graphical and gameplay features of the original Silverlight game.

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Silverlight News

Here is the latest external news from the world of Silverlight.  Please feel free to submit your own relevant news stories and links.

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Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Released - April 13th, 2010

"The final release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 is now available.  Today's release is a big one – and brings with it a ton of new feature and capabilities."

Silverlight 4 to be Released April 12th - Mar 23, 2010

"Join us for the Launch of both Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010! And get three days of get in-depth sessions from the best speakers in the industry!"

An exclusive interview with Tim Heuer and Mike Taulty - Mar 10, 2010

"Earlier today I had a chance to have an exclusive interview with both Tim Heuer and Mike Taulty! The focus was obviously Silverlight, but I had a good mixed bag of questions so hopefully there is something for everyone to find a little interesting!"

Silverlight 4, MEF and the DeploymentCatalog - Mar 11, 2010

"The Silverlight 4 beta came with a version of MEF that had 3 catalogs – namely AssemblyCatalog, TypeCatalog and AggregateCatalog. They’re pretty easy to understand and I made a screencast on the topic here."

Avoiding Uninstall/Reinstall when Debugging Out-of-Browser Apps - Feb 19, 2010

"Every few weeks I muck around with an out-of-browser application with the Silverlight 4 Beta.

Every few weeks I have to look up what I need to do to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling my out-of-browser application every time I debug.  Since I’m one of those people that remembers things once I write them down, I thought I would blog about it. The steps are simple."

Silverlight Deployment Troubleshooting Guide - Feb 17, 2010

"After helping a few customers with Silverlight install issues, I think it may be helpful to publish a Silverlight deployment troubleshooting guide and keep it up-to-date, so here you go."

Why do I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight? - Feb 17, 2010

"A few people get prompted repeatedly to install Silverlight while visiting web sites like nbcolympics.com"

XAML Power Toys for Visual Studio - Feb 15, 2010

"XAML Power Toys is a Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Add-In or a Visual Studio 2010 Add-In that empowers WPF & Silverlight developers while working in the XAML editor.  Its Line of Business form generation tools, Grid tools,  DataForm, DataGrid and ListView generation really shorten the XAML form layout time."

Helpful Silverlight Snippets - Feb 10, 2009

"Here are a few of the Visual Studio C# code snippets that we use on the Silverlight team when building controls and apps."

Using Silverlight Media Framework for simple playback - Feb 10, 2010

"If you aren’t aware of the Silverlight Media Framework, you should take a look.  This is a media playback framework for Silverlight that is based off of a lot of best practices from such implementations as the NBC Olympics, Sunday Night Football and others."

Mixing it up! Using the InkPresenter with 3D Projection - Feb 6, 2010

"Two great tools in Silverlight are the Projection properties and the InkPresenter, so what happens if you put the two together? Well, maybe something like below. Use the mouse to draw within the Silverlight area."

Custom Preloader - Silverlight TV 006 - Feb 6, 2010

"The latest episode of Silverlight TV is now available on Channel 9! In episode 6 John Stockton (Silverlight MVP) discusses how a custom preloader can spice up your application . He shows how to implement a basic custom preloader (aka splash Screen) and then goes further to show how you can add animations and other effects."

Silverlight DataGrid quick styling tip: keep selected row focus state - Feb 6, 2009

"The scenario is the classic master-details scenario where perhaps you have a grid of data and when a user selects the row, the details are enabled in a form (or perhaps the child of the element) for editing."

Flash Skills Applied to Silverlight session at MIX10 - Feb 2, 2010

"If you know how to design and develop Flash applications, you are more than half the way there to creating Silverlight applications. Similar languages, graphic and animation features and skinnable controls, ease the training between the two technologies. Listen and learn how to add a new skill to your skillset and expand your opportunities"

Silverlight 4 & MEF – Switching on functionality based on application context - Feb 1, 2010

"In my head, I see Silverlight 4 applications as either running; In Browser, Out of Browser, Out of Browser and Trusted, Out of Browser and Trusted and in the presence of COM interop ( i.e. on Windows ) and you might write functionality that only works in certain of those contexts"

VS2010, profiling, Silverlight 4 - Jan 30, 2009

"At PDC, I announced that Silverlight 4 came with the new CoreCLR capability of being profile-able by the VS2010 profilers: this means that for the first time, we give you the power to profile the managed and native code (user or platform) used by a Silverlight application. woohoo. kudos to the CLR team."

Playing with Projection in Silverlight - Jan 27, 2010

A cool post from Gavin Wignall - "Using only storyboards and behaviours I have created a cool 3d particle effect."

Html5Canvas source code now available on CodePlex - Jan 27, 2010

"A few months ago, I described a proof-of-concept project and learning exercise I'd worked on to implement some of the basics of the HTML 5 <canvas> specification using Silverlight as the underlying platform"

Silverlight Client for Facebook available - Jan 26, 2010

"Remember the final moments of the Scott Guthrie keynote presentation at PDC09?  Where Brian Goldfarb came on stage and demonstrated a completed application using a lot of the features of Silverlight 4?  Yeah, that Facebook application.  Well, it’s here now!"

Configuration & Decoupled Modules - Jan 25, 2010

"Two architectural demands for the Silverlight HVP, which are common to many larger applications, came together this week and crystallized into a design that looks to solve a couple other, unanticipated requirements."

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