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Vectorlight News

  • 3D CSS used to Create Website
    Feb 08, 2014

    With the CSS 3D effects being implemented in modern browsers RoomSay.com takes this new technology and enables you to map your traditional 2D content onto the walls of a 3D room.

  • Chat App Converted to HTML and JQuery
    Sep 08, 2011

    Converted from Silverlight to HTML and Javascript/JQuery is the Vectorlight Chat App. Login using your Vectorlight password to chat using your username and avatar.

  • HTML5 iPhone,Android Big Guns Tower Defense
    Jul 02, 2011

    Big Guns has made the leap from Windows Phone 7 (XNA) to HTML5 so you can now play it on your iPhone, Android and other HTML5 compatible devices.

  • HTML5 Games - Word Poppers and Batty
    Jun 04, 2011

    As the take-up of HTML5 quickens (74% of users currently have a browser capable of HTML5 Canvas) we present two more games for both your browser and mobile.

  • Big Guns Tower Defense on Windows Phone 7
    May 06, 2011

    Coming soon to Windows Phone 7 is an XNA port of the popular Vectorlight tower defense game Super Tower Defense. Whilst retaining many of the graphical and gameplay features of the original Silverlight game.

  • Home Page News

Silverlight Controls

The custom controls developed by vectorlight.net for use with Microsoft's Silverlight web technology are all compatible with Silverlight and are available now with more controls becoming available for all Silverlight web developers.

Silverlight Color Selector

The Color Selector allows the user to select a color from a pre-defined list of colors.

Silverlight Dropdown

The Drop Down control provides an easy way to embed any Silverlight control or element into a drop down popup mechanism.

Silverlight Fieldset

This control allows related controls to be grouped together into a single control that can be expanded and collapsed.

Silverlight File Upload Component

The File Upload component gives developers a means to build client-side file uploaders quickly and easily.

Html RichTextArea

The Silverlight 4 RichTextArea control is great for basic content formatting until you want to be able to save or load content as HTML.

Silverlight ItemViewer

The ItemViewer can be used to create visual representations of file systems. Items can be selected and renamed.

Silverlight Magnifier

This Magnifying Glass control is useful where you need to allow users to zoom in a specific area of content.

Silverlight Main Menu

The Main Menu allows application developers to implement drop down menus with similar functionality to standard Windows menus.

Silverlight Menu (Popup)

The Popup Menu can be used to create context menus. The default Windows style is customizable.

Silverlight NumericUpDown

This NumericUpDown control allows users to select integer values using up and down buttons.

Silverlight Popup Bubble

This useful control can be used to notify the user of important application actions.

Silverlight Popup Dialog

With the Popup Dialog control it is possible to create a full window based application, where content is displayed in draggable dialogs.

Silverlight Progress Bar

This free Silverlight Progress Bar with overlaying label is, easy to implement on your Silverlight website.

Silverlight Rich TextBox

This RichTextBox can be used to edit HTML and RichText content from within your Silverlight application.

Silverlight Roller Blind

This control is a simple control that lets you group related controls together and hides them from the display until needed.

Silverlight Vertical and Horizontal Scroller

The Scroller allows a developer to scroll content of any size within a limited amount of screen space.

Silverlight Spell Checker Component

This Spell Checker component allows you to check text content from any source against a standard dictionary.

Silverlight Table

This Table control is similar to the Grid, except with this all rows and columns can be resized easily and borders can easily be applied to cells.

Silverlight Tree View Control

This flexible TreeView was the first available for Silverlight and features drag and drop, checkboxes and much more.

Silverlight Viewer

The Viewer provides a way to scroll and zoom into content of any size.

For more details on individual Silverlight controls you can select from the list above.  Silverlight already has a great set of base controls, however there are a few essential controls missing or which could be better equipped such as the TreeView and Rich TextBox, these and more you will find in the Liquid Controls library.

Download These Silverlight Controls for Free Now!

To see the above controls in action you can select Demos from the top menu.  You must have the latest version of Microsoft's Silverlight Installed in order to run these demos.

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Silverlight Controls

  • Rich TextBox

    Create and edit rich content with this slick and expandable Rich TextBox...

  • TreeView

    This easy to use TreeView comes with drag and drop, sorting, searching and much more...

  • Context Menu

    You too can have cool popup context menus in your Silverlight applications...

  • Resizable Dialog

    Draggable and resizable popup dialogs are what serious Silverlight developers need...

  • Spell Checker

    Real-time spell checking in Silverlight? We did it first here...