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Vectorlight News

  • 3D CSS used to Create Website
    Feb 08, 2014

    With the CSS 3D effects being implemented in modern browsers takes this new technology and enables you to map your traditional 2D content onto the walls of a 3D room.

  • Chat App Converted to HTML and JQuery
    Sep 08, 2011

    Converted from Silverlight to HTML and Javascript/JQuery is the Vectorlight Chat App. Login using your Vectorlight password to chat using your username and avatar.

  • HTML5 iPhone,Android Big Guns Tower Defense
    Jul 02, 2011

    Big Guns has made the leap from Windows Phone 7 (XNA) to HTML5 so you can now play it on your iPhone, Android and other HTML5 compatible devices.

  • HTML5 Games - Word Poppers and Batty
    Jun 04, 2011

    As the take-up of HTML5 quickens (74% of users currently have a browser capable of HTML5 Canvas) we present two more games for both your browser and mobile.

  • Big Guns Tower Defense on Windows Phone 7
    May 06, 2011

    Coming soon to Windows Phone 7 is an XNA port of the popular Vectorlight tower defense game Super Tower Defense. Whilst retaining many of the graphical and gameplay features of the original Silverlight game.

  • Home Page News



This version of the super popular card game Solitaire is easy to get into and well presented.  With a range of different desks and backgrounds it's easy to customize the game.


Use the mouse to select and move cards.

Date Added: October 16, 2010
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  • Batz and Ballz
    Mar 02, 2014
    Plays: 285

    Batz & Ballz ScreenshotThe classic game of bat and ball specially designed for phones and large screen tablets

    1 Rating / 5 Average
  • Sinclair C5 Stunt Rider
    Jul 22, 2013
    Plays: 847

    Sinclair C5 Stunt Rider ScreenshotRace down the hill and jump! Get as far as you can whilst doing in-air spins. Take a seat in this classic electric laser car on your mobile or large screen tablet.

    5 Ratings / 4.2 Average
  • Solitaire Game
    Dec 10, 2011
    Plays: 1,171

    Solitaire Game - Free Silverlight Game ScreenshotA collection of over 25 most popular solitaire card games presented with drag and drop style of play and nice UI

    6 Ratings / 3.5 Average
  • Helichopper
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 233,819

    Helichopper - Free iPhone,iPad,Android,HTML5 Helicopter Game ScreenshotFly your helicopter through the maze of caves avoiding the walls. Collect fuel cans as you go and try to get as far as you can!

    12 Ratings / 3.7 Average
  • BlockTris
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 59,150

    BlockTris - Free iPhone,iPad,Andorid,HTML5 Game ScreenshotBlock-Tris is a Tetris game for your mobile. The rules are simple: slot the falling blocks into place in order to create solid rows.

    16 Ratings / 3.2 Average
  • Supercurve
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 1,045

    Supercurve - Free HTML5 Game ScreenshotSupercurve is a cool 3D game of bat and ball with the added extra of being able to curve the ball. The slick gameplay make this an enjoyable game to play...

    2 Ratings / 5 Average
  • Damaged in Transit
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 548

    Damaged in Transit - Free HTML5 Game Screenshot"Welcome to Damaged in Transit Collect all cargo (red) boxes and take back to base." Guide your little ship around the level collecting the boxes and avoiding enemy fire.

    1 Rating / 4 Average
  • Vortal Combat
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 992

    Vortal Combat - Free HTML5 Game ScreenshotThis splendid looking horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up is a delight to play. Guide you ship through the levels filled with enemy craft and meteors collecting power-ups as you go.

    7 Ratings / 4 Average
  • Adam the Archaeologist
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 796

    Adam the Archaeologist - Free HTML5 Game ScreenshotJump around the platforms pushing boulders and collecting coins in this arcade platformer. Push the boulders onto the matching platforms to open the doors and collect the treasure.

    3 Ratings / 4.7 Average
  • DD's Racing
    Nov 26, 2011
    Plays: 733

    DD's Racing - Free HTML5 Game ScreenshotRace around 6 different tracks in this easy to play top-down racer. There are 3 other racers to content with as to zip around each track collecting money as you go.

    2 Ratings / 3.5 Average
  • Memory Quest
    Nov 20, 2011
    Plays: 684

    Memory Quest - Free HTML5 Game ScreenshotMemory Quest is a fantasy videogame with elements of RPG and puzzle. Descend into the depths of dungeons crowded with monsters and fight them as you recover the lost treasures of your kingdom.

    3 Ratings / 5 Average
  • Way of the Snake
    Nov 14, 2011
    Plays: 39,307

    Way of the Snake - Free iPhone,iPad,Android,HTML5 Game ScreenshotIt's the classic game of Snake with some nice colorful graphics. Guide your snake, eating as much fruit as possible without running into your ever expanding tail!

    5 Ratings / 2.8 Average
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