Silverlight Demos Updated

The various Silverlight demos have been updated to take advantage of the new features of the Liquid Controls library which is out in the coming days for general download.

Rich TextBox Demo

Substantial improvements/fixes have been made to the Rich TextBox including the following:

  • Content paste fixed.  This was pasting at the end of the cursor element, now it pastes at the cursor.

  • The Clipboard is now shared between all instances of the RichTextBox.

  • Format Painter command has been added.

  • The color of the background selection can now be set.

  • You can now hold SHIFT and CTRL in conjunction with the cursor keys to navigate/select content.

  • Read-Only mode added.

  • Scrollbars can now be configured along with the width the content should wrap.

  • When applying formatting (e.g. Bold) and clicking again to remove it works correctly now.  Previously the text content before the selection would have the format applied.

  • The cursor height is now the height of the content the cursor is positioned in rather than the overall line height.

  • Superscript and Subscript text formatting is now available.

  • Full Undo/Redo functionality implemented along with keyboard shortcuts.

  • XAML objects/text can no longer be directly inserted, use the Insert(richText) method instead.

Click here to try the Silverlight Rich TextBox Demo

Form Controls Demo

The TextArea control is being retired from version 4.8 of the controls library as it's functionality can be replicated with a standard TextBox, more details of the XAML to use will follow.  This demo now includes a Rich TextBox to enter a description and a modal popup dialog to confirm submission.

Click here to try the Silverlight Form Controls Demo

TreeView Demo

This has been updated to use a GridSplitter to allow you to dynamically re-size the tree.  Also in this demo is the ability to edit the node titles by selecting the node and pressing F2, the behaviour of this functionality can be customized by handling two new event handlers NodeEdited and NodeEditedComplete.

Click here to try the Silverlight TreeView Demo

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